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Archive for March, 2007

Just Married, What happens in Honeymoon?

Posted by Kokolicious on 8th March 2007


Just married is a movie that starts where most others end. It’s a film set amidst middle class Indians where romance and love start at the ultimate commitment-marriage. Abhay Sachdeva ( Fardeen Khan ) is typcal guy-next-door with a great sense of humor. He has completed his MBA and is working in a MNC. He loves having fun with his friends. After completing MBA, Abhay comes home to his family in India. His family makes him agree to an arranged marriage with a girl. Surprise could be the only reaction that Ritika ( Esha Deol ) has when her parents announce their decision to wed her to an absolute stranger. It’s the Great Indian arranged marriage of which she is the victim!

just married

Far away in Ooty, 290 kms from their home in Bangalore, Abhay and Ritika begin their journey as husband and wife on their 5 day long honeymoon. Along the way, they get chance to meet several people. Some are couples, some individuals, some believers in the institution of marriage and the romance of togetherness, some non-believers. Abhay and Ritika never held hands, never walked together in the rain, never romanced each other. Now they have to spend 5 days together in a single room having a bed. In a situation where they are expected to love each other and become lovers.


Will Abhay and Ritika find friendship and become lovers? Will they survive their new found relationship as husband and wife? Will their honeymoon be the beginning of the end? You need to go to Cinema halls to find out.

Marriage was only the beginning for them and love was definitely not in the air!

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Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4)

Posted by Kokolicious on 8th March 2007

logo.jpgGrand Theft Auto (series) is a computer and console game series created and primarily developed by Scottish developer Rockstar North (formerly DMA Design ), published by Rockstar Games and debuted in 1998 . It includes seven stand-alone games and two expansion packs for the original, GTA: London 1969 and GTA: London 1961 .

Grand Theft Auto III and subsequent games in the series have been best-selling blockbusters which have also gained critical acclaim, including several game of the year awards from various sources. In addition, the series has emerged as being so popular and profitable that a long list of Hollywood stars have lent their voices to the games. Gangster film veterans such as Michael Madsen , Samuel L. Jackson , James Woods , Joe Pantoliano , Frank Vincent , Robert Loggia and Ray Liotta have all voiced major characters.

The next installment of the series, Grand Theft Auto IV ( GTA IV ), is slated to be released on October 16, 2007 for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 (along with the possibility of a Nintendo Wii version [2] ), the first Grand Theft Auto to be released simultaneously on the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Both versions of the game have been indicated to obtain its own exclusive downloadable episodic content via Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network .

The only other information released by Rockstar has been regarding GTA IV’ s game engine , which will be the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (a.k.a. RAGE) used in Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis . The first GTA4 trailer is due to be released out on March 29, 2007 .

Here are some previews for your pleasure.
gta4_fake_screen_1.jpg 3102.jpg gta4_fake_screen_2.jpg gta4_fake_screen_3.jpg

Multiplier Mode
Putting out the same game every year plus 10% “is not Rockstar’s thing” , according to when Sam Houser was interviewed by Game Informer magazine. And when asked about the possibility of online multiplayer, Houser mentioned Everquest as a possible source of inspiration. Rockstar enjoy pushing the console’s hardware to its limits, and it is clear they only release games which are a significant step-up from prior releases. And so with all this in mind, online multiplayer – something which has been sorely missing from the 3D GTA series so far – surely has to be considered as a strong possibility for GTA4.

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India’s chances for Cricket World Cup 2007!

Posted by Virender Kumar on 5th March 2007


Once again the debate has began everywhere on the team that has the guts to win the Cricket World Cup 2007. Let’s talk about the chances of our Indian Cricket team. After the Australian slump, every cricket guru now says that Indian cricket team has most of the chances of winning this cricket world cup. Infact, former Sri Lankan Captain Arjuna Ranatuna has already put his money on the Indian team. He said that he has a feeling that Indian team has everything for winning this world cup.

_41952580_karthik_afp_416.jpgSounds great! Indian team always had the potential to win, but they always have choked at crucial times. For Example: At the last world cup final they were outplayed in every department. We can not claim it as a completely players’ fault, as they all have always played on slow and low bouncy tracks in India. When they go abroad, they always get bouncy and pacy tracks. If they get adjusted to the conditions, nobody can stop us.


In upcoming World Cup in Caribbean, the conditions are quite similar to Indian pitches. It’s a good sign for India team. This time Indian team has also got a good combination of youth and experienced players. They have got Sachin Tendulkar “The Master Blaster” who has experience of playing 4 Cricket World Cups with Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid. He has experience of handling all kinds of pressure situations. We also have two finest finishers of the game as Yuvraj Singh and Mahender Singh Dhoni, who can blow away any bowling attack. In the bowling Department we have Ajit Agarkar, Harbhajan Singh and veteran leg-spinner Anil Kumble with the experience. And in the fielding department, we have some young talents as Dinesh Karthik, Robin Uthappa and Yuvraj Singh.


In nutshell, it can be said that this is the most talented side for Indian cricket team in World Cup after 1983. Another thing that favours the Indian team is that some of the finest fast bowlers like Brett Lee, Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammed Asif are not playing in this World Cup due to injuries and other reasons. Who always have been trouble for the Indian side. Now Indian Batsmen can relax :P.

This world cup is the last world cup for many cricketers of Indian team. I am sure that they also want to make it a special one. I hope this time, Indian team will not disappoint a billion people.

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Play online flash game : Airstrike

Posted by Kokolicious on 5th March 2007

I had played the game of war crafts where enemy’s airplanes are approaching our nuclear storage base and we had to defend the nukes at all costs.


Try to beat my high score of 18144 and post your score in comments. Let’s see if others can beat your score too.

Click here to Play Air Strike Flash Game

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Anil Kumble to Quit One Dayers

Posted by Virender Kumar on 1st March 2007

Anil Kumble
Anil Kumble is one of the most successful bowlers for Indian Cricket team. He has taken 334 wickets in 270 One Day Internationals and 547 wickets in 113 tests. Needless to say that this 36-year-old Indian Cricketer is also the fourth highest Test wicket-taker across the globe. He is the second bowler in the cricket history who has taken all the 10 wickets in an inning of an International test match. Therefore, several times he has been the sole warrior to win matches for Indian team. He is a fighter, who always gives his 100% in the field whether it’s with bat or ball.

In an interview with a TV channel, he says “It is definitely going to be my last World Cup, probably the last one-day international series for me”. This interview makes it clear that Anil Kumble is going to quit One dayers after this world cup. He has taken 28 wickets in 17 world cup matches. In the Last Cricket World Cup, he played only the final match and Indian team lost that match to Australia. After that he was out from the Indian Cricket team and after a gap of four years he is back in action for the Cricket World Cup 2007. As always, he is once again ready to serve his country with his valuable services.

He looks very confident after taking 23 wickets last year which brought India, their first ever Test Series Win in West Indies in the last 35 years. India lost the next One Day Series by 4-1 to West Indies at the Caribbean. According to him, Indian team will do much better this time. He thinks that Indian team has a good chance to win the Cricket World Cup 2007. He said, “We have a good combination of youth and experience”. He is an inspiration for the young cricketers. He also has a bigger role to play in this world cup for the Indian Cricket team. The reason behind quitting One Dayers is that he wants to concentrate on the longer version of game. Nobody can fill his place in the One Day squad. We hope that he will always be a part of Indian Cricket team.

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Hot and Sexy Mallika Sherawat Dance Video

Posted by Kokolicious on 1st March 2007

While lurking around the web, I came across with a Hot Mallika Sherawat dance number in the movie Guru. I found it rocking, so I thought I would share it with you. I hope you will like it. Please don’t forget to post your comments if you want more videos like this.

Here are some mallika sherawat hot wallpapers for the pleasure of our viewers.

Are you enjoying your visit to Please post your comments.

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Namastey London, A british brat meets a punjabi boy

Posted by Kokolicious on 1st March 2007

Namastey London is a story of a girl from London and a guy of Punjab. The girl is Jasmeet aka Jazz and the guy is known as Arjun. Jasmeet’s father brings her to India to marry her with Arjun. Arjun is a rough and tough farmer who can barely speak English. Jazz is in love with her British Boyfriend called Charlie Brown.

Namastey LondonNamastey LondonNamastey LondonNamastey London

Namastey London’s story line doesn’t have anything new as it is all about the emotional and dramatic fight between a father and his daughter. It’s interesting to see how a Punjabi boy is helplessly and hopelessly in love with his beautiful wife. Let’s watch who wins out of them. Is it the Punjabi munda or british girl Jasmeet? My predications say that Indian culture will win over western culture as always. But for that, we need to watch the movie. I hope you all will go and watch the movie and post your comments about it. Hope they are good ones.

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