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Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4)

Posted by Kokolicious on March 8th, 2007

logo.jpgGrand Theft Auto (series) is a computer and console game series created and primarily developed by Scottish developer Rockstar North (formerly DMA Design ), published by Rockstar Games and debuted in 1998 . It includes seven stand-alone games and two expansion packs for the original, GTA: London 1969 and GTA: London 1961 .

Grand Theft Auto III and subsequent games in the series have been best-selling blockbusters which have also gained critical acclaim, including several game of the year awards from various sources. In addition, the series has emerged as being so popular and profitable that a long list of Hollywood stars have lent their voices to the games. Gangster film veterans such as Michael Madsen , Samuel L. Jackson , James Woods , Joe Pantoliano , Frank Vincent , Robert Loggia and Ray Liotta have all voiced major characters.

The next installment of the series, Grand Theft Auto IV ( GTA IV ), is slated to be released on October 16, 2007 for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 (along with the possibility of a Nintendo Wii version [2] ), the first Grand Theft Auto to be released simultaneously on the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Both versions of the game have been indicated to obtain its own exclusive downloadable episodic content via Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network .

The only other information released by Rockstar has been regarding GTA IV’ s game engine , which will be the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (a.k.a. RAGE) used in Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis . The first GTA4 trailer is due to be released out on March 29, 2007 .

Here are some previews for your pleasure.
gta4_fake_screen_1.jpg 3102.jpg gta4_fake_screen_2.jpg gta4_fake_screen_3.jpg

Multiplier Mode
Putting out the same game every year plus 10% “is not Rockstar’s thing” , according to when Sam Houser was interviewed by Game Informer magazine. And when asked about the possibility of online multiplayer, Houser mentioned Everquest as a possible source of inspiration. Rockstar enjoy pushing the console’s hardware to its limits, and it is clear they only release games which are a significant step-up from prior releases. And so with all this in mind, online multiplayer – something which has been sorely missing from the 3D GTA series so far – surely has to be considered as a strong possibility for GTA4.

9 Responses to “Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4)”

  1. DAVIN Says:


  2. maksim Says:

    ohh dude cmon this is all bullshit the realese is 29 april 2008 a**hole

  3. Kevin Says:

    I love the fact that you guys are giving this guy shit when he clearly posted the article in early 2007. Aside from that, this is bullshit, the game’s release day is April 29th, he’s an asshole for telling us other wise.

  4. fairy Says:

    this suckz

  5. Anurag Says:

    i played it’s OSSOM

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  7. Ambrose Mcrary Says:

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  8. Evan Nelson Says:

    Grand Theft Auto is so damn addicting game. I play 8 hours a day of GTA.;–

  9. Angel Baker Says:

    the latest version of Grand Theft Auto have more detail on its graphics, nicely done.-~;

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