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Is The Excess Australia-India Encounters Worth?

Posted by Virender Kumar on January 24th, 2008


20060930011200802.jpgIt’s always a good sight when these two teams met head to head. But after this world cup 2007,

these teams are having 21 Tests and ODIs from June this year. Which is not good for anybody.

This all is going to make money it.

"It’s getting completely out of control," May, head of the international players’ association, told The Sun-Herald. "We’re very seriously worried that a few countries are playing too much cricket.

"It’s our ongoing battle with the ICC. Australia will play India 21 times in the eight months from June this year. From the perspective of players and spectators, it’s going to dampen your interest. And it detracts from the commercial value of the product. Vision has been lost about what’s important and what is not."

imag1.jpgUntil the Ashes series of 2005, an Australia-India series was widely considered one of cricket’s headline events in recent years. The sides clashed in three gripping Test series between 2000-01 and 2004-05, each winning one with the other drawn.

Australia are due to play seven ODIs in India in October, before a four-Test series in Australia the following summer and seven tri-series ODIs. To this list has recently been added a three-match ODI series in Ireland in June.

"They were already playing each other 18 times and now they’ve thrown in another three (in Ireland)," May said. "We’re concerned about that. Players have a passion for the game and want to maintain that passion every time they play. But it’s becoming harder to play every game as though it’s their last. 1609pathanout248.jpg

"No one wants a two-bit product where blokes are only giving 75 percent because that’s all they’ve got left. Or because they need to pace themselves for more games coming up." May, who has criticised the heavy workload on players in the past as well, also took a shot at the upcoming World Cup, arguing that it dragged on purely because of TV broadcasters.

For a cricket lover it’s sound a good new that two team having some so much matches,but it’s not good for the players and the teams. As they met so frequently the hype and anxiety will be lost and the charm of the encounter will be lost, which wouldn’t be a good sign for cricket.Hope the boards will leave their personal profits a side and make deals will helps cricket in growing not for making money.

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