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MTV Roadies episode 4

Posted by Kokolicious on March 2nd, 2008

This journey of MTV roadies was the even more interesting than the last journey.This time it was Snehashish who got out of the game. Hunter was hunted in this episode. I guess he underestimated Sonel. From the 1st journey of the MTV roadies everyone assumed that Sonel is “the sitting duck” whom they can through out of the game any time but its her vote decided that who should be in the MTV roadies. Snehashish’s biggest mistake was that in the money task he sent Aashutosh before himself. This made Aashutosh against him. I think luck is with Shambhavi that because last time she got the advantage without doing anything and this time she got the immunity on the last moment. Now i think this game is going to become more exciting. Till now Raghu has not let anyone execute anyone’s planning for vote out. There is some thing new in every vote out. Lets see what happens in the next episode. I think its Nihal is next who will be out of the game in the next episode.

MTV Roadie at Bangaluru
MTV Roadie at Bangaluru 1
MTV Roadie at Bangaluru 2
MTV Roadie at Bangaluru 3
MTV Roadie at Bangaluru 4
MTV Roadie at Bangaluru 5
MTV Roadie at Bangaluru 6
MTV Roadie at Bangaluru 7
MTV Roadie at Bangaluru 8
MTV Roadie at Bangaluru 9
MTV Roadie at Bangaluru 10

Voted out:
Episode 1:Ankita (Simran), Varun
Episode 2:Vibhor
Episode 3:Vikrant
Episode 4:Snehashish

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50 Responses to “MTV Roadies episode 4”

  1. raviii Says:

    lolzzz dude.. nihall wont be out.. ;) .. its one of the girls…

    i know.. u must be kinky about me.. saying this.. but i dont want to spoil ur roadies episodes… by telling the results

  2. AJ Says:

    I don’t want to see Shambhavi. I like her a lot. As many others also like her, we all don’t want her to go out. LOL.

  3. dirty sox Says:

    game is gttng more intrstng dy by dy……..sonel in nt dumb blone wat ppl r thnkng of her……i hope she ill mke it 2 the end……

  4. raghav Says: Here you can watch latest episode.

  5. Srikanta Mahapatra Says:

    Thank you Raghav for the link.

  6. vipul singhal Says:

    hey guys chill,aashutosh has already won the roadies 5.0 game, the shooting of all the episodes are over and aashutosh is the dark horse, smart guy won the roadies 5.0……lets wait for roadies 6.0…………..

  7. raviteja Says:

    man if ashutosh had made it then it really makes sense …he was the one never against someone,never on the judjing side n takin refuge in the ‘jat’ kind of attitude which led to the others taking him to be dumb and was never in the limelight or the denger zone

  8. Gagan Sawhney Says:

    Shambhavi Should be the winner of Hero Honda MTV Roadies 5.0 and Ashutosh should not be the winner. He is not even deserving person to win it. If he is the winner this is because of his luck or may be because of other shameless guys. This time it has to be girl.
    Even he is not performing good and also he is not taking this game seriously and he is too wild I guess and not so good looking also and he is also doing cheap things. This is very shameful.

  9. sam Says:

    i love roadies 5.o Ashutosh Should be the winner of Hero Honda MTV Roadies 5.0 i like her he is so funny i like very much bro i like amol she is master mind and its so smart i like Shambhavi i cell she is very cute shona ok

  10. blah blah Says:

    yes ashutosh is funny but not the winner of roadies.vipul stay away from this blog.

  11. raman Says:


  12. blah blah Says:

    VIPUL U R A *******

  13. pri Says:

    i thinkd winner shud b either ayaz or ashu………..& guys sonal is nt dumb…she is just too smart…

  14. dhruv Says:

    anmol and sambhivi must be sack out of this show as soon as possiable………

  15. dhruv Says:

    sabse smart individual on the show…….

  16. aaditya Says:

    i think ashutosh should not vote outed because she is powerful roadies in this time i think she must come back

  17. sharath Says:

    guys hi…. its no longer a curious one bcoz we came to know the winner during the auditions time which aired in tv……. ashu is the winner…
    nihal runner up…
    sonel 2nd runner up….
    so lets wish roadies 6 wil be very good..

  18. Tejaswy Says:

    Ashutosh is going to win the series….he stays quite and watches…he definatly is going to win it

  19. aaya Says:

    ashu will rape sonel in the next episode..wait and watch

  20. sweet Says:

    yah ashutosh already won the game!!!

  21. arun kochar Says:

    ash is d only deserving person in team,not played politics in d game ,always completes d task,
    so congratesssssssssssss a lot

  22. totu Says:

    m d next rodies……..

  23. totu Says:

    ankita is very…………… sexy

  24. ashu Says:


  25. kaljal Says:

    ashhu wass my neighbour arre hes the winner

  26. willie Says:

    hey… so called Ashu!!! we all have seen the Roadies n we know that u r not that good in english … so nice try…

  27. nihal Says:

    nihal be a challenger i proud of u to kick out shambhvi

  28. gaurav Says:

    lolz….. aashu s gonna win…

  29. xxx Says:

    guys guess whether nihal have f**ked shambavi or not ??
    Answer with yes or no ..

  30. Sam Says:

    aashu won,so itz o.k.But i want Vikrant 2 win d show,He was d real star of roadies 5.O.After come back of all d roadies,i want Ankita(Simran) 2 win d show

  31. chica Says:

    The final two are Aashu and Nihal as Sonel is out …….

  32. YOGITA Says:

    ashu is the winner but i want prabjot to win

  33. fazil Says:

    nihal and ashu both r not deserve to be roadies

  34. YOGITA Says:

    i dont like prabjots behaviour with sonel.&i be very happy jab jab nihal ki fatati hai

  35. neha Says:

    Ashu will b d winner n he deserve 2 b,he is a master mind.but Nihal trully don’t able 2 b in d top 2.he is dere just becoz of Ashu’s friendship.

  36. taffy Says:

    Hi Guys its ashu whoes gona win

  37. Shariff Says:


    Nihal will win by ditching ashu

  38. Thakur Says:

    Mere to haath nahi hai par mai phir bhi apne paair jodke nihal k liye prarthna karuga.

    Thakur from Raamgad (sholay)

  39. Thakur Says:

    Raamlaal….Ashu ko vote kia kya ??????????????????

  40. Thakur Says:

    Ashu ki maki ker keri

  41. nikhitha Says:

    shambhavi is d only person who deserves 2 b d winner n not ashu, no one voted him out cause he’s jus nice 2 everyone.
    he’s not a good performer at all.
    shambhavi atleast deserves a karizma.
    n d way ashu slapped shambhavi it was soooo….not fair.

    anyway all i can say is SHAMBHAVI IS D BEST!!


  42. Mayuresh Says:

    ashu is 4ever best….u rocks ashu

  43. Honey Says:

    Sonel looks cool She should win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ayaz u r the hottest guy and i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu a lott………………………………………………………………………….

  44. GAYATHRI Says:


  45. gaya3.............................................. Says:

    hai sonel nihal ashu i like ur friendship a lot sonel is bold ashu is confident nihal is cute i like u 3 i wanted to be sonel because she something different from other girls

  46. mhussain Says:

    hi ankita im u bugg fan

  47. althaf Says:

    cooooooooooool ………….roadies is jus chilling …………soi wanna join 2 make it cool

  48. althaf Says:

    i wana rock d roadies………….

  49. vivekanand Says:

    hi can i get once chance

  50. deepak singh Says:

    hello dear go now

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