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Terrorists Dare Frightening Bollywood

Posted by Kokolicious on July 28th, 2008

The recent cowardly terrorist attacks in Bangalore and Ahmedabad have once again gripped the nation under a shocking wave. The blasts occurred within few minutes after a private TV channel received an e-mail daring the administration that shattered the lives of so many families.  The foolish and vindictive people behind these blasts killing innocent people are enemies of not only the humanity but also to the supreme god.majahmedabad-420x0.jpg

These people are sinners of humanity! Can anyone explain which god has authorized these mass killers to massacre the poor and innocent people in such a cruel way?

At first glance, it seems to be a spineless and malicious act of some of the nasty groups that wants to spoil the communal harmony of India. Ironically, the responsible outfit for the blast allegedly Indian Mujahideen has dared threatening the Muslim actors of the Bollywood to stop working in the Indian Movies. The outfit has allegedly targeted all Big Khans and their family members namely Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan. Isn’t it something ironical that these fanatics consider the Hindi Film Industry to be vulnerable to such senseless calls? These bunches of ignorant fools should understand that every person in Bollywood is full of life, courage and devotion. So, such threats can not shake the will of our beloved stars and rest of industry people to bow in front of cowards.

All our actors and industry people have only one religion common in them that is – Humanity. They all believe in one god that is – Love. They all have one faith that is – The Show Must Go On. Emphatically, the Bhais of underworld have already experienced it and now it is their turn to accept the integrity and strength of unshakable and historical Bollywood.

So, you wretched militants!  Dare not shake the philosophy and faith of emotionally rich Bollywood with your malicious intentions! And, you can never be successful in splitting Mother India into any more parts.

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