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Your Choice Of The Prime Minister For Next Lok Sabha Elections 2009

Posted by Kokolicious on August 7th, 2008

We are pleased to present you, a vital and brain-storming series containing a brief portrayal of various leaders, who may be the potential Prime Ministers of India for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2009. Herewith, we are portraying the character sketch of all favourable candidates, who stand suitable for the highest legislative post. We will try to contain all their characteristics, personal and professional profiles, and their strengths and weaknesses. So, all this information will help you to vote for your favourite Prime Ministerial Candidate for the next Lok Sabha elections.

It will be your own choice to vote your favorite candidate, and we will publish your opinion, comments, and voting results in the final episode of the current series. So, let’s get ready for a significant series, which is vital for you, your family and at large, your country. Since, you as a citizen are the real king of a democracy as you have the authority to choose your representative. So, why not do that wisely?

1st Episode PM Candidate Of This Section: Dr. Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh, one of the ten siblings to Mr. Gurmukh Singh and Mrs. Gursharan Kaur, he was born in Gah, West Punjab (now in Pakistan) on September 26, 1932  His family moved to Amritsar in Punjab when Manmohan was 14 years old. The family had poor earning sources and his father owned a shop selling dry fruits. He was so keen and determined to get education that he used to study under the streetlights as there were so many people in the family house.

Dr. Singh says that he became an economist because he wanted to eradicate the pitiable poverty. He studied at Oxford and Cambridge on Scholarships and wrote his Oxford doctorial thesis on India’s export competitiveness. Later, he taught at Delhi School of Economics from where he got selected to be a civil servant and held number of high posts during his tenure.

He is a discovery of former Prime Minister Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao, who offered him the finance ministry in 1991. He proved his caliber by rescuing the sick economy when the soft-spoken minister pulled India out of financial troubles and put the economy racing fast by opening up direct foreign investment. Dr. Manmohan Singh holds an M.A. in Economics, D.Phil. (Oxford), D.Litt (Honoris Causa) and is also known as father of Indian Reforms. He has been awarded as the best parliamentarian in the year 2002. He is the first Prime Minister never to have been elected as member of the lower house. He has been a member of Rajya Sabha from Assam since 1995 and got re-elected in the years 2001 and 2007.

As per the general opinion the 14th Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh makes a good economist, but certainly not a strong leader. His government has contributed to supporting peace process with Pakistan and various visits have been made across the borders by top leaders of both sides. One of the major achievements of his government has been signing up the nuclear deal with Unites States of America. Though, he has been successful marching India’s economic growth on a faster track than ever, but he has remained a failure when it comes to the other fronts.

The issues related to national security, terrorism, naxalism, social and constitutional reforms, policing reforms, poverty eradication, agricultural reforms and corruption have remained intact in his tenure.

Dr. Singh is often criticized by the opposition parties for being the weakest Prime Minister until now as commented by Mr. Lal Krishna Advani. He is also targeted for his Muslim appeasement and for his statement, "Minorities, particularly the Muslims, have first right over the national resources". Also, his statement of losing sleep on Hanif arrest in Australia was deeply criticized by many, as he was asked whether he lost sleep when hundreds of innocent people got killed in Hyderabad, Varanasi and Ajmer blasts.

So, Dr. Singh could not do much to eliminate some of the most awful menaces in the country like corruption, poverty, social injustice, crime, terrorism, economic disparity and inflation.

His Strengths

  •   High Education
  •   Liberalization
  •   Honesty
  •   Good Image
  •   Progressive
  •   Party Favourite
  •   Non-controversial

His Weaknesses

  •   Not a mass leader
  •   Avoids taking hard decisions
  •   Not a good speaker
  •   Issues under his rule such as Price hikes, farmer suicides, and terrorism

So, do write to us if you feel Dr. Manmohan Singh makes the best choice for the next Prime Minister of India. And, do read the next episode of current series exclusively focussed on some other prime ministerial candidate.

22 Responses to “Your Choice Of The Prime Minister For Next Lok Sabha Elections 2009”

  1. » Rahul Gandhi On Alliance With Samajwadi Party » Blog » Blog Archive Says:

    [...] Rahul Gandhi, the emerging leader of the Congress Party, has recently visited Uttar Pradesh. In the heartland of the state, he attended a meeting with Pradesh party members and discussed about the poll strategy for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections in 2009. [...]

  2. F**U SINGH Says:


  3. kumar c Says:

    if narendra modi should be the next prime minister of india..

  4. Ajayakumar Says:

    Rahul? He was shocked to see the present situation of UP during his last visit!He forgot his own family was ruling the India for Half Century!the Sole responsible for this condition. I recommend he pay visits to more rural sides for further shock
    Jai Hind

  5. Sreedharanath Says:

    One of the greatest advantage of having Dr.Manmohan Singh as Prime minister of India is hi s unbiased about cast, creed, language ans such social evils and free from political vengeance which we can see most of other proffessional political leaders and this quality is what gives an impetus to think always national interest rather than petty political gains.This we have seen how Dr. Singh was firm and affirmative in his nueclear deal with USA.

    Also his continuation as PM very much needed in this time of economic recession all over the world to keep the counties economic sound and healthy.It is good to have personalities like Manmohan Singh as prime Minister of India for another 2-3 terms in order to see a total changes in all fronts.

  6. santhosh Says:

    I think this time BJP will form an government with majority. There are lots of issues against UPA govt which includes price hike, cutting the facilities for farmers, unresponsibility of terrorist attack which would create a major impact in the forthcoming lok sabha elections in the favour of BJP. This time there will be a major sweepstakes for BJP this time if BJP works hard in this election. I hope if this time BJP joins with AIADMK this time would be a positive advantage. I think this is the time for congress to take rest for another five years. Let’s see.

  7. m.nadarasan Says:

    L.K.Advani will be a next prime minister. Why because now they earn more power in Tamil Nadu. The people of Tamil Nadu believe that the B.J.P form the government in INDIA they will help to Tamil people in Srilanka. According to Tamil Eelam freedom Struggle in Srilanka, B.J.P got more power in Tamil Nadu against Congress. The government of Srilanka killed enormous Tamil people by army. B.J.P in India always give Support to Tamil people`s freedom struggle in Srilanka. So, People of Tamil Nadu give full support to B.J.P.

  8. Devendra Kumar Says:

    yes Mr. Manmohn sing is right person for prime minster. Mr advani is not Capable for prime minster. only two person is capable for prime minster .
    1 atal bihari bajpai.
    2 manmohan singh

  9. jayachandran Says:

    My choice for prime minister post is definitely Sri Lallu Prasadji
    who is having good governance and humour also

  10. ankit Says:

    next pm wud definately be punjab da sardar Dr. Manmohan singh

  11. Partha Says:

    This time only L.K Advani can save India. Becoz we need a person who have the personality not listening a lady’s order. Should have his own Vajpayee…… It will help to grow india. We can challenge with other countries…. And Advani ji is same as Vajpayee. Look now a days lots of terrorist attack bit what they are doing..

  12. lokesh Says:

    MMS is chamcha of gandhis. nehru gandhi dynasty has put our country much behind. can we compare ourself with china , japan, korea, indonasia malasia, singapore. one minority ( in fact majority worldwide ) is appeased too much. hindus are insulated . congress is mother of vote bank politics.
    BJP ruled state ( gujrat, mp, chattisgarh, bihar , karnataka ) has shown that bjp is much improved party . vote bjp. hate congress. ignore irritating gandhis. advani for pm

  13. Takhe Tanya Says:

    I desperatley i want to see L.K.Advani in Prime Minister Post.

  14. anwar Says:

    Manmohan and Adwani cannot make a stable government on centre after this election.. because their fronts are too weak in this election. Third front may be will make a goverment with congress support.

  15. anwar kunderi Says:

    I will support a left Prime Minister for India. Because Left parties standing against colonialist and sionist powers always. And they are moving with poor and basic peoples of India.

  16. Devendra gupta Says:

    Dear friends
    People supporting congress are blind and lazy and even not suffered worst conditions people of villages and some big cities suffering from. Congress do only politics to earn money and vote by corruption and alliance with some of the deadliest people in india like lalu, mulayam, left, I say if congress could have make their government with support of terrorists they do, its our fortune that it is not the case right now except terrorists like lalu and mulayam. They ruled us for about 50 years without any planning any determination nor they have taken care of biggest issue of population in india and other isues like poverty, illeteracy, consservation of animals forests rivers yah but ofcourse given reservations (making minors more uncapable). merely issuing money is not the solution of any plan to succeed this money is only converted to black by government officials. May be MMS is very good by nature (as he is not able to think of his own)but he could not rule india. we need enthosiastic, deterministic and powerful person and Mr LK Advani seems to be perfect for this, atleast look at there powerful ministers and aliance like nitish in bihar against lalu, look at there governance during last to last 5 years, look there affermative decisions. BJP is the best party in all available parties. Please do vote for them

  17. N P Dighe Says:

    Manmohan Singh should be a next prime minister, bcos none others have capability. Or else BJP should chnge their leader and declair Narendar Mody as their leader. It will definately add more votes in their pocket.

  18. Chandrashekhar Says:

    No BJPplease, certainly not. BJP party has double standards. BJP never cares for a common man. BJP and RSS never respect lower caste people in Hindus. We are ready to accept any body as our PM but certainly not BJP. The best PM would be naturally Manmohan Singh. He is intelligent, economist, decent and a mature person.

    With regards,

    Dr. Chandrashekhar Phadke

  19. alok tiwari Says:

    Mr. L.k.adwani must be the next PM of INDIA.

  20. alok tiwari Says:

    MMS is a great chacha of bad gandhi’s. So avoid the cong’s and vote for BJP for the national intrest.

  21. pravin Says:

    Sharad Pawar is the Next Prime Minister, because all North indian leaders don’t want to give Higher level Post as Prime Minister to any of maharashtra leader. No one from maharashtra has became Prime Minister from independence.

  22. Amir Says:

    i opine that congress is the only party which can make difference in the current context. All other parties play fiddles with people and their emotions. I think congress has stood all the odds of time during their tenure and has brought some economic peace to the country which is the burning issue of the day. India will develop as a better country in future if congress is voted to power. I strongly recommend Sonia to be the PM candidate for the coming elections. ROCK ON ..CONGRESS:-0

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