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MTV Roadies: When in doubt shut up!

Posted by Upasana Jain on September 24th, 2008

Things you must never say while auditioning:

  •  I want to become a VJ and Roadies can get me there.
  •  I’m very diplomatic, I can survive anything on Roadies.
  •  I’m a convict and I’m looking for a way to run out of this country.
  •  I’m gay and I have the hots for Raghu.
  •  I want to make my village famous.
  •  I won’t strip. I won’t sing. I won’t speak foul language. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t.
  •  Do you think I need more make-up before you start rolling?
  •  I think sex is good for the soul.
  •  My shrink told me that I have to do bold things.
  •  I bunked my boring history class, thought I’ll have some fun here.
  •  I’m too cool for the other reality shows.
  •  I always wanted to steal peanuts from an international airplane.
  •  Babes in Australia wear bikinis, please select me I want to date such women.
  •  I heard in Australia beer comes free. Cheers.
  •  I think my biceps will be an asset to this show.
  •  My mother’s uncle’s neighbour’s daughter-in-laws’s swimming coach knows the MLA.
  •  Everybody loves me.
  •  I want money for my nose job.
  •  If Ashu can win, then this is cake walk for me.
  •  I didn’t make it into Bollywood so Roadies is my second option.
  •  My parents told me not to come. I’m a total rebel.
  •  Ummmmm…..sorry I’m nervous.
  •  I don’t want to tell you my secrets. 
  •  America should rule the world.
  •  Nikhil looks gay.
  •  I have a crush on Raghu, so I’m here.
  •  Pick me I will increase your TRP.
  •  I was just passing by and saw this huge crowd outside, I’m curious.
  •  I thought I’m auditioning for Indian Idol.
  •  I’m a chu%*@
  •  Mujhe paisa chahiye.
  •  I’ve never been to Australia.
  •  I only get along with myself.
  •  This is my only chance to meet hot women.
  •  It is my dream to be a Roadie.
  •  I hate to lose.
  •  I’m a roadie.
  •  My parents think I’m a brain child.
  •  I love adventure.
  •  I have never stepped outside my lane.
  •  I love bikes.
  •  I like to make friends.
  •  I want to be famous.
  •  I have a great personality.
  •  India sucks.


  All The Best !

Source: MTV India


3 Responses to “MTV Roadies: When in doubt shut up!”

  1. Antriksh Says:

    1.Dont take nikhil as granted
    2.Never loose ur cool even if raghu speaks foul words.
    3.Never tell a lie otherwise u’ll get caught.
    4.Dont be fake.
    5.Last but nt d least GD clear karne mein hi lag jayegi.

  2. Nonu Says:

    I think i will keep silence there..

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