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Top 10 Action Heroes of Bollywood

Posted by Kokolicious on November 15th, 2008


‘Action’ is an essential ingredient of bollywood masala movies. Some actors in the industry have established themselves as action hero while some are still struggling on that side. Here is a list of top 10 Action Heroes of Bollywood

1 Amitabh Bachchan

The Angry Young Man himself, kiddos. Move over and take another line, because the deal with this superhero/renegade/porter is that the line starts from wherever Amitabh places his size-9 chappal.

2 Sunny Deol

It might be contentious to place this man ahead of his distinguished daddy, but Sunny’s been so darned prolific with juggling dacoits and battling Rajnikanthesque odds that he trumps Papaji.

3 Dharmendra

 What, you thought we wouldn’t touch on the man who threatens to feast on the blood of his enemies? The only man who could be macho even in a skirt, Dharam paaji was always a shoo-in.

4 Akshay Kumar

 The industry’s only martial arts stud. Kumar balances the kicks out with the guffaws nowadays, and it’s all well and good. Just don’t forget he can slap men with his feet.

5 Sanjay Dutt

 Bollywood’s poster-child for bhai-roles, Dutt looks wicked good with a gun in hand and the gun looks totally at home. All’s cool when Sanju is in charge, with or without circuit.

6 Anil Kapoor

 Dude, he killed Mogambo. Not to mention the assorted bunch of thugs he’d routinely tackle with, plus the umpteen times Anil played some kind of deranged bhai. All machismo, all the way.

7 Jackie Shroff

 One of the single coolest moments in Hindi cinema is when Jackie Shroff is first seen in Parinda. He’s played more cops than baddies, but Jaggu dada sure knows what he’s doing.

8 Hrithik Roshan

 The Krrishman had to be on the list, didn’t he? And even if Hrithik is more dancer than fighter, it must be remembered that this superhero’s also played a terrorist and a master criminal.

9 Salman Khan

 Even if the shirtlessness just seems gratituous these days, Salman‘s body hasn’t always been just for show. The actor’s frequently packed quite a punch, and looked realistic while at it.

10 Ajay Devgan

 He’s all actor-y now, but when he entered Bollywood he was the son of its premier stunt-director. And Veeru Devgan musta been proud of the way Ajay gruntingly tossed villains aside.

Source: Rediff

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