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Indian Idol 4 Female Contestants

Posted by Kokolicious on December 13th, 2008


The whole country is abuzz talking about the fourth season of Indian Idol, and its cast of talented entertainers. Here are female contestants of the show.

Ananya Mishra (17)
Benaras, Uttar Pradesh

Profession/ Education: I am a professional kathak dancer. I have finished my 12th grade and have taken a year break.

Background: I am a granddaughter of Pandit Birju Maharaj, who is my father’s maternal uncle. I have been doing kathak shows since I was a child. For the last one year I have been taking singing classes too. Everyone in my family is good at both dancing and singing, so I also wanted to try my hand at both. My father is a kathak dancer. I have performed all over the world as a dancer.

Strongest competitor: Bhavya Pandit.

What will you do with the prize money if you win? I want to start a music institution in my father’s name.

Unfortunately, Ananya did not make it to the finals, and was eliminated last week.


Bhavya Pandit (17)
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Profession/ Education: I have finished my 12th grade. I have taken admission in college to study Mass Media. But now I am here, so my graduation will have to wait.

Background: As a kid, I lived in a small town called Hissar. My music teacher told my mom that I was good at singing and that I should pursue it. When I was five years old, Ustad Bismillah Khan heard me on stage. He told my parents that I have talent and they should do something about it. My father took a job transfer and we came to bigger cities like Pune and Mumbai, where I started training my voice.

Strongest competitor: As singers, Prashanjit Kosumbi and Rajdeep Chatterjee are good. But as a complete package, Ananya is my toughest competitor.

What will you do with the prize money if you win? I would like to take my family on a world tour and also help people who are less fortunate then I am. And I will buy a house in Mumbai. 



Priyanka Negi (21)
Dehradhun, Uttarakhand

Profession/ Education: I am doing my final year of B. Com

Background: My father works in ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited), so I have lived in many places in India. My mom is a housewife. I did a few singing shows as a kid in ONGC’s programmes. Many of my parent’s friends told them to put me in singing classes. But I never thought of pursuing singing as a career.

Then, when my father got transferred to Delhi and Indian Idol had come to look for partcipants there, I tried out but failed after three rounds.

But then I thought of learning how to sing and started training under Anil Pandey.

Strongest competitor: Remo Ghosh, Kapil Thapa and Sorbi Dev Burman will get the most votes according to me. Prashanjit Kosumbi and Rajdeep Chatterjee are good singers.

What will you do with the prize money if you win? I will buy a house for my parents in Delhi.


Sheeni Kalvent (23)
Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Profession/ Education: I am a singer in an orchestra.

Background: We have our own orchestra. My mother is a singer in an orchestra and my father plays key board. At the age of seven, I started singing with them. I work with music composer Ravindra Jain.

Four years back, my father passed away and the domestic responsibility fell on me. I have a younger brother, who is studying. He plays tabla in the orchestra. My husband is a dholak player.

I have auditioned the last two years for Indian Idol, but I couldn’t get through.

Strongest competitor: Prashanjit Kosumbi, Bhanupratap and Bhavya Pandit are good singers.

What will you do with the prize money if you win? I work with a spiritual asharam, so I will donate some money there. Secondly, I would like to start a singing school in Gwalior.


Sorbi Dev Burma (24)
Agartala, Tripura

Profession/ Education: I just finished graduation in Arts. I was trying for admission for MBA, but now I am concentrating on this.

Background: My parents did not allow me to participate in the first season of Indian Idol. I had to complete my graduation, so I waited. Now that I am through with my graduation, I thought I should participate. I am not a trained singer.

My parents are in government jobs. My father is a Zonal Development Officer and my mother is a Child Development Project Officer.

I was interested in singing at the age of four and participted in singing contests. But until I came here, I never thought classical singing was so important. Now I realise there are so many talented singers and all are totally engrossed in singing. I am nowhere compared to them. I am scared, but ever since I passed the gala round, I am confident.

Strongest competitor: Remo Ghosh and Kapil Thapa will get maximum votes. Bhavya Pandit and Prashanjit are my toughest competitiors.

What will you do with the prize money if you win? I am not sure of winning. There are many talented people here.



Tosha Sarkar (20)
Asansol, West Bengal

Profession/ Education: I am studying Biotechnology from Bangalore. This is my final year.

Background: When I turned three, I had a teacher coming to my house to teach me singing. My younger sister asked me to participate in Indian Idol. When Shreya Ghosal won Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and became a well known singer, I decided to participate in some contest or the other. But I couldn’t participate in Indian Idol the last three years because my parents said that studies first and music later. Now, in my final year of college, I got permission to participate.

Strongest competitor: Ananya  and Priyanka Negi will get good votes.

What will you do with the prize money if you win? My father is a dermatologist. He has started a hospital with his six of his doctor friends but it is still incomplete. I will give a part of the money there.


Tulika Ganguly(20)

Profession/ Education: I am in my final year in college, majoring in Political Science. I will miss my studies this year, but will continue it later.

Background: I stay in Delhi with my uncle and aunt. My mother passed away in 1996 when I was eight. She was a classical singer, like her mother. My father is working in Kolkata. My music training started with my mom and grandmom. After she passed away, music took a backseat and I concentrated on studies. But when I moved in with my uncle and aunt, my music training started again.

I partcipated in Indian Idol 3 but failed to get through. Now, I’ve started taking lessons from a guru.

Strongest competitor: The biggest threats are Rajdeep Chatterjee and Tosha Sarkar.

What will you do with the prize money if you win? I can’t decide yet.


 Source: Rediff

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  1. Laksmi Says:

    I don’t know why Indians aren’t voting for the female contestants. It is so sad to lose them one by one. Hi

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