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Archive for January, 2009

‘Raaz TMC’ Sucess Party Pictures

Posted by Kokolicious on 30th January 2009


Check out pictures of the party thrown to celebrate sucess of Raaz – The Mystery Continues. Kangana Ranaut, Emraan Hashmi and Adhyayan Suman graced the party.

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MTV Roadies 6.0 : Pics of Episode 3

Posted by Kokolicious on 29th January 2009


Check put exclusive pictures of MTV Roadies 6.0 at Udaipur.



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Theatrcial Trailer of ‘Firaaq’

Posted by Kokolicious on 29th January 2009


Check out theatrical trailer of Firaaq – directorial debut of Nandita Das starring Naseruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal, Raghuveer Yadav, Deepti Naval, Sanjay Suri, Shahana Goswami and Tisca Chopra.


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Horror Queen of Bollywood

Posted by Kokolicious on 28th January 2009


Horror movies have always needed a pretty girl with an awesome set of lungs. Sure, they look for awesome sets of everything, these canny casting directors, but it really is imperative that the leading ladies in any half-decent (or even completely awful) scare-fest be able to screech the audience’s ears off. Urmila Matondkar, for instance, has long been the genre’s resident diva. Of course, after her most recent outing opposite a certain baseball-capped singer — wherein said singer outshone her in the acting department, heck, the coffee table did better than her — directors of bhootiya schlock have been hunting for a new face.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut, somehow Bollywood’s first pick whenever it comes to roles demanding weeping, drunkenness and hysteria. As the makers of Raaz: The Mystery Continues have cleverly judged, there’s a thin line between schizophrenia and, say, being possessed, which makes her ideal for the genre. Here then, for the sake of our fearmongers, are a set of other actresses who we think might fit the scary movie bill.

Deepika Padukone

An ethereal beauty, she could adequately be cast in a remake of Mahal. Imagine Deepika flitting through corridors, wearing gossamer garments and lit dramatically enough to sinisterise her luminous features. Her debut film, Om Shanti Om, featured Deepika in similar vein as a reincarnated version of her pretended to play a ghost, and judging from Arjun Rampal’s reaction, he had either been given a monologue to memorise, or the girl can indeed be effectively frightening.

Vidya Balan

Big eyes? Check. Big smile? Check. Why then are we even considering the Parineeta girl for a horror movie? Hmm. Imagine, if you will, a plot featuring a fashion designer hero. Imagine then what trauma said hero would go through when he comes face to face with madame Balan’s wondrous wardrobe? Much screeching will ensue, and even if it’s not from the girl, audiences are likely to reel in alarm just as much as the leading man.

Rani Mukerji

The onetime queen of the industry has built up a career playing likeable roles, from the bubbly con-artist to the generic girl-next-door to the helpless housewife. And over the last few years, they really don’t seem to have been clicking — not even when she plays an angel. So an image change is what we suggest. Think of those godawful B-movies with overweight vamps, and cast Rani in a self-deprecating, grotesque variation of the streetwalking moll. Give her inconceivable lines and peculiar, cleavage-heavy costumery, and aid her every word with a paan and a wink. Actually, scratch that. Sanjay Leela Bhansali tried it already.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Casting one of the most beautiful women in the world and making her appear scary is no mean feat, but give a bored screenwriter some free time and he’ll conjure up a context making her absolutely frightful. So here goes: How about a naturalistic film? You know, dim lights, Ajay Devgan, all that jazz. Picture Ash as the lovely girlfriend, with her and the hero completely besotted with each other. The first half seems almost boringly idyllic, until interval point, where the hero pops the question and Ash agrees to marry him. The second half is where the horror lies. Bring on the news channels. Muahahaha.

Mallika Sherawat

The statuesque stunner with the bod to die for is admittedly intimidating for any man right in front of her, but as an audience we’re too busy ogling to even let emotions like fear crowd our fervently wistful brains. Which is why, shot with ambient sound and minimal background score, we can have A Tale Of Three Sisters. The treatment can be like a Korean film, with Mallika surely making us cringe if she glares straight into the camera — there’s always that ‘what were you staring at?’ guilt — but the real fun is with the plot. Actually, forget the plot, just cast Mallika as all three of the sisters. The audience would be in a frenzy trying to swivel from one Mallika to the other, trying to maximise optimum skimpiness viewing angles. And whiplash can assuredly be pretty scary.

Source: Rediff

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Daboo Ratnani’s Calender 2009

Posted by Kokolicious on 27th January 2009


Sometimes a picture can say more than multitudinous words. For a great photograph sparks off diverse connotations and impacts the subconscious in a manner that can’t be defined. That’s the beauty of Dabboo Ratnani’s Photography. It’s an Art Form that’s unique and goes much beyond the Obvious. Recently Dabboo launched his 10th Annual Calendar for which he shot 48 top Bollywood stars. Bollywood Hungama caught up with him and he shared a few of the pictures from this Designer Calendar for all you guys. Let’s bring you Dabboo’s impressions about each one of these pictures.

Mallika Sherawat:

She wanted to do something which was not the usual. You’ve always seen sexy pictures of Mallika but we wanted to keep that oomph factor there in the picture and still do something. So both of us brainstormed and we thought let’s try something with guns and try something more action image yet still keeping that sexy image like Charlie’s Angels.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:

I shot lots of pictures in that outfit, the beautiful red gown that Anahita Shroff had done. We did a lot of full lengths, some tight close ups & finally went in for an extremely tight close up for the final choice of picture. The kind of toning that I have given the picture has kind of whitewashed everything else except the eyes and the mouth so the whole attention goes on to the expression to Aishwarya’s eyes.

Shahrukh Khan:

We had actually frozen on using a white formal shirt but then when I was going through his wardrobe I came across a red shirt. His boy said yeh zyada nahi pehente hain, so I said its ok I’ll ask him and Shahrukh said ok sure whatever you want me to wear. I haven’t used any lights in the picture. Although it’s an indoor picture, the source of the light was the chrome plated light which was in his library at home.


With Kajol it so just happened on the way to the shoot I saw a man who was sitting on the carrier of a taxi. This was one day before the shoot and he was tying something on the carrier and sitting on top which made an interesting composition for me.

Priyanka Chopra:

Every picture is different… some have props some don’t. This is one of the pictures which doesn’t have any prop except for all black on black where Priyanka is wearing a black dress. We’ve used lot of black in that picture. It’s more like a fashion shot. The picture is looking simple but that’s the beauty of that picture.

Lara Dutta:

We shot in a stud farm where we had a horse in the background. It was a great fun picture, more energy, more the mood of the picture that we tried to capture. Although it’s very sexy but it does not look anywhere close to vulgar. That’s the beauty of that picture.

Source : Bollywood Hungama





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MTV Roadies 6.0 at Udaipur

Posted by Kokolicious on 26th January 2009

 This week Roadies reached city of lakes- Udaipur. Here brats won Rs 30,000 in money task by performing Rajasthani folk dance more energetically and gracefully as compared to that of Om Blues. Check out videos of the episode.

Part- 1

Part- 2











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Cars Ready to the Hit Roads in 2009

Posted by Kokolicious on 22nd January 2009


Forecasts for the automobile sector in 2009 may be bleak — experts predict almost 12 per cent decline in sales for the year ahead but quite a number of new vehicles are set to hit showrooms this year.And more than half of these new cars happen to be next-generation models.This slide show will take you through some of these about-to-be-launched cars. Read on. . .

1. Fiat Grande Punto

Expected in May-June 2009, the car’s estimated price varies between Rs 500,000 and Rs 700,000.It is a pemium hatchback/small-car that runs on both petrol and diesel.
The car will also be available with an Essesse kit, which boosts power to 135kW.

2. Hyundai Santa Fe

Expected in mid 2009, this SUV’s price is estimated to be between Rs 23 and Rs 26 lakhs (Rs 2.3 to Rs 2.6 million). The car runs on both petrol and diesel.
The car will come in 2.2-litre, 148bhp diesel motor which might be tuned to suit Indian fuel quality.

3. Maruti Suzuki Splash

Expected early this year, the car is estimated to be priced between Rs 400,000 and Rs 5,50,000. The styling is bold and is characterised by massive headlamps at the front.The rear has an inward tilt to it.
A refined and fuel efficient 1.2L petrol and the 1.3L multijet (DDiS) diesel engines are planned for the car.

4. Honda Jazz

Expected in June-July this year, the car is estimated to cost between Rs 500,000 and Rs 600,000.
A Small segment, premium hatchback, to be available only in the petrol version, the car is expected to compete directly with the Skoda Fabia, the yet-to-be-launched Fiat Grande Punto and the Hyundai i20.

5. Toyota Fortuner

Expected early this year, the SUV’s estimated price is between Rs 16 lakhs and Rs 18 lakhs (Rs 1.6 to Rs 1.8 million).The car will be available in both petrol and diesel versions.

6. Mahindra Xylo

The Mahindra Xylo is Mahindra’s first attempt at building an multi-purpose vehicle. This MPV will compete directly with the
Toyota Innova.Priced between Rs 600,000 and Rs 800,000, this vehicle was launched in December 2008. The Xylo has the same heart as that of the Scorpio, the 2.6 CRDe, as well as the 2.2 M-Hawk’s engine as options. As Mahindra is using the same engine as the Scorpio, the vehicle’s cost is less than that of the Innova.

Source: Rediff


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MTV Roadies 6.0 : At Pushkar

Posted by Kokolicious on 19th January 2009


Roadies finally started their journey this week as they travelled from Manesar to Pushkar . They were divided into two teams- Om Blues and Brats. Roadies performed their first money task and immunity task. For getting Fifty Thousand in their account they collected cattle dung. Hindi vocabulary of girls was tested during immunity task. Brats won both tasks and as a result one roadie from Om Blues was to be eliminated. It was Varisha Havelia whose journey ended here. Check out videos of the episode.

Part – 1


Part – 2


Part – 3


Part – 4


Part – 5


Part – 6


Part – 7


Part – 8


Part – 9


Part – 10


Part – 11



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Theatrical Trailer of Dev D

Posted by Kokolicious on 17th January 2009


Check out theatrical trailer of Dev D starring Abhay Deol, Kalki Koechlin, Mahi Gill, Parakh Madan

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Satyam Chief on the ‘Hot Seat’

Posted by Kokolicious on 16th January 2009


With Slumdog Millionaire proving to be ‘SlumGOD Millionaire’ for one and all associated with it, the ever-so-versatile cartoonist Morparia has come up with yet another winner of a cartoon. This time, the subject is the infamous Satyam scandal, which seems to be the hot favourite amongst all the critics and likes, the last one being that of Amul (‘Satyam, Sharam, Scandalam’).

This time, on the hot-seat is none other than the police chief and while the contestant’s chair is adorned by a Raju lookalike, in a show called ‘Jaildog Millionaire’. The question in question reads as ‘Where are the Satyam millions’? And the options for the answers are: ‘Swiss bank, Real estate, Stashed away, or with politicians.’ While the answers are anybody’s guess (or is it nobody’s guess?), Morparia is one man who really needs to be lauded and applauded for stripping the truth and bringing marvelous cartoon strips!

Source: Bollywood Hungama

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