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Aamir Khan’s Avatars

Posted by Kokolicious on April 22nd, 2009


There’s no doubt that Aamir Khan is an excellent actor. So excellent in fact that he’s quite a favourite among advertisers. After all, he gives his all to the products he endorses. From a sherpa to a cranky old man to a heavily made-up housewife, Aamir has played most characters in his ads alone. And pretty convincingly too. We take a look back at Aamir‘s spectacular avatars. Feel free to tell us your favourites too.

Grumpy old Sardarji

Aamir plays a grumpy sardar in the latest and quite hilarious Tata Sky ad. The actor was totally unrecognisable in a salt and pepper beard and matching bushy eyebrows. Black-rimmed spectacles completed the look. Getting into the character, Aamir vents his frustrations against Tata Sky, not because it isn’t working, rather because it’s too efficient. He loudly goes on and on about how the perfect picture quality has got everyone hooked to it. His rant goes on until he gets rid of the offending set-up box by dumping it on a confused pedestrian.

The Coke ads

Aamir was on a roll when he did these witty Coke ads. Let’s break it down for you [clockwise from the top].
Aamir as a Tapori: Looking every inch the character he was playing, Aamir made the word Coca Cola synonomous with ‘Thanda’. Hence ‘Thanda matlab Coca Cola’.
A paan-chewing Hyderabadi soft drink vendor: Aamir looked the part with a purple shirt, paan-stained lips and kohled-lined eyes. Here he curses his luck after a girl (Rimi Sen) calls him bhaiyya after having a Coke.
As a Sherpa: Grinning like the village idiot, we almost didn’t recognise Aamir, dressed as a Nepali guide. His constant refrain to a sightseeing couple? ‘Thanda matlab Coca Cola’.
As a Bihari: Aamir put on a Safari suit, oiled his hair, and urged people to buy the drink, as it cost only Rs 5.
As a Jat: Here, Aamir was a rough and tough Jat sporting a stubble. He tells some girls looking to quench their thirst that Coke was so precious that people kept it hidden in wells.
As a Bengali: Aamir sported oily curls, a droopy mustache and spectacles — a perfect Bengali babu look. But what he was lecturing here was not literature or music but on Coke.

Half man-half woman in Tata Sky ad

This 70-second brilliant ad showcased Aamir Khan as Ardhnarishwar, the mythological half man-half woman creature. Aamir played both characters — a Punjabi bride and her husband — with aplomb though he let out that it was one of the most difficult tasks. It was almost eerie to see one side of his face heavily made up and the other in a mustache.

Hindi-speaking Japanese tourist in Coke ad

We didn’t club this with the other Coke ads because it was so good, it had to be a stand-alone. Aamir looked like the Japanese tourist he played. His message? Coca Cola quenches thirst everywhere.

Bus steward in Coke ad

Another gem from Aamir. This time he plays a sly bus steward, who tries to solve the mystery of an empty coke bottle in a bus loaded with people.

NRI and Manno Bhabhi in Coke ad

Like the Tata Sky ad, Aamir plays a double role of an NRI who comes to see a girl [he pretends to be the modern 'no tika-shika' kind], and Manno Bhabhi, his other avatar. Everthing goes smoothly as our NRI sticks to his modern stance by refusing everthing that is traditional. But he gives up all pretences when Manno Bhabhi refuses to give him a ‘thanda’ as he is a modern boy. Needless to say, our modern boy drops everything including his accent to acquire his beloved ‘thanda’!

Source: Rediff


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