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Global Warming effect on Climate

Posted by Kokolicious on December 19th, 2009

What is Global Warming?

Global Warming is a phenomenon caused by various human activities over the past few centuries. The term global warming means a rise in the average atmospheric temperature. Global warming is phenomenon comprising of various causes and drastic effects on the environment. Of all the problems threatening the world, perhaps it is of the utmost importance and requires our immediate attention.

Causes of Global Warming

The major cause of global warming is the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. It is not that there was no carbon dioxide emission before but it was too less to be of any serious impact on the atmosphere. Much of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is due to the combustion of fossil fuels, specially coal and petroleum and their various products. But it should not be mistaken that global warming is due to carbon dioxide emission and its accumulation in the atmosphere alone. There is another phenomenon called the Greenhouse Effect caused by some gases like water vapour, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and of course carbon dioxide. These gases are called the greenhouse gases. The greenhouse effect is the heating up of the surface of the earth caused by the trapping or absorption of the heat radiated by the earth by these gases. 

Consequences of Global Warming

The consequences of global warming are tremendous and disastrous. The sea level is rising as the polar ice caps are melting. The result will be that much of land will go under water. Presently, the total surface area of land is one fourth of the total surface area of earth. Much of the human population is concentrated in the coastal areas and when these places would be fully submerged in water, the pressure on the remaining land mass will increase manifold. Unfortunately, even the available landmass is not all habitable.
The world is already overpopulated, approximately six and a half billion people inhabiting it and with the careless attitude of human being, advancement in medical science, it is expected to rise more. That brings us to another major threat, which is deforestation. There is a certain amount of area which should necessarily be under vegetation or forest cover and we are not fulfilling that essential criterion. Deforestation is also one of the major contributors of global warming.  

What is Deforestation?

Deforestation is the clearing of forests for habitation or commercial purposes. With the increase of global warming, much of the vegetated area is going to be lost. Loss of vegetation means loss of habitation and ultimately extinction for many species, both known and yet to be identified.

Have we become as sensitive as the environment?

Our environment is very sensitive and fragile. Any human activity has its impact on the environment. We have come to the point where we can no longer delay. There have already been so many irreversible damages. We cannot continue like the way we have been and the Copenhagen convention is not going to be the first of its kind. We already had Montreal (’87) and Kyoto (’97) but we cannot afford having conventions after conventions when we are on the brink of destruction. Our effort right now, irrespective of who we are but as world citizen is to ensure that we do not need any more conventions after Copenhagen.

What could you do to save your planet?

1.Save electricity.
Large mount of fossil fuels is burnt to produce electricity. Turn off the lights or any other electrical appliance when you do not need them. Use CFL lamps, they use less energy than normal tungsten filament or normal electrical bulbs.

2.Recycle paper.
Paper is made from wood. Every minute, an area of the size of a standard football field is being cut down in the rain forests of the Amazon basin. You can start by recycling your newspaper and try to use as less paper whenever possible.

3.Save fuel
Travel together whenever possible. Turn off the engine of the vehicle if you are stopping at a traffic signal for more than two minutes. Cycling is another good alternative, besides you also stay healthy.

4. Switch to renewable source of energy
Use solar lamps. They are environment friendly. At a larger scale, wind and sea waves energy can also be harnessed.

5.Do not use non-biodegradable material
Avoid the use of polythene bags, they are big ecological nuisance. Do not litter when you go for outings, like cans or plastic bottles.

6.Plant more trees  
This is the most sensible thing that we can do now.  And this is something which everyone, young or old can do. We might not be able to see the positive change we are bringing, but the future generation will certainly thank us for this.

 These are the small changes which everyone of us can do to save the world. There are various other ways to save the planet. So, go ahead and do your bit to save the planet. Suggestions are always welcome.

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