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MTV Roadies 7.0 Final roadies!

Posted by Kokolicious on December 25th, 2009

We are at the next level of MTV Roadies. Only 14 contestants are left out of 24. Number of contestants lessened but tension heightened. They had to perform the most griding of tasks picked up from the last six seasons. Amidst the tasks of fighting pahalwans twice their size, gulping down strange concoctions and rapelling down cliffs, chemistry is building up among the contestants. Their final task was to go to place almost 60 kilometers away without their bikes. How? By hitchhiking or begging money from strangers. Now these 14 contestants will face the challenges in Africa.

Ameya R. Kadam

Age: 21
Gender: Male
City: Mumbai

 He is currently studying Commercial Arts. He is a fun loving guy. Love to do things that he really likes in his own way. Right now he doesn’t have any girlfriend because his entire focus is on his career. Everyone loves him for his mischievous nature. He doesn’t think there is anything wrong in spicing up a reality show for viewers entertainment.

Likes: Roadies, photography, friends, adventure, wildlife
Dislikes: Fights, body waxing
Craziest thing he has ever done: He has once done a nude shoot. It was freaking crazy!


Amritpal Singh

Age: 24
Gender: Male
City: Mumbai

 He is a simple guy who is passionate about movies, music and who dreams big. His dad is a stuntman. He has worked in a BPO for almost three years now. He doesn’t have a girlfriend yet. Greed is one of the 7 deadly sins that he relates to completely, He  always wants more from life. One of his fantasies is to marry Aishwarya Rai take her around the world for their honeymoon. Human nature is unpredictable so he might just back stab a friend for success. You never know. However he won’t do anything on the show that’ll hurt his dignity.

Likes: dancing, adventure, challenges
Dislikes: liars, hypocrites
Craziest thing he has ever done: Jumped off a speeding bike.


Anwar Syed

Age: 24
Gender: Male
City: Jamshedpur

 He has worked for Wipro Technologies as a software engineer for almost 21 months. Currently he is doing his MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur. He did his schooling from Delhi (where he originally belongs). He plays a lot of sports. He likes adventure rides, rock music, dance, acting etc. He is a cool and fun-loving person. On Roadies, he wants to have a lot of fun doing tasks and wants everyone along to have loads of fun too. Currently he is single.

Likes: Adventure rides, rock music, dance, acting, hiking, sports
Dislikes: People who act smart ; interfere in someone else’s life
Craziest thing he has ever done
: Climbed a hill (7 km trek) in Ooty at Climbed a hill (7 km trek) in Ooty at night. Four of them with 2 torches through dense forest cover on the hill side. It didn’t sound this exciting back then, they were scared till death but nonetheless it was an experience of a lifetime.


Bharti Nagpal

Age: 23
Gender: Female
City: Delhi

 She has worked as an anchor, emcee, a voice over artist and as a software developer. She lives her life in her own way i.e. with perfection. She is completely addicted to herself. She is insane about what she wants and end up getting it no matter what. She wants to have her own swayamvar where she will delegate tasks to the prospective grooms.

Likes: Herself, traveling, socializing
Dislikes: Non-veg
Craziest thing she has ever done: Walking on the edge of the 3rd floor of a building for a bet of 200 bucks.


Charlie Chauhan

Age: 20
Gender: Female
City: Bangalore

 She is what she is. She doesn’t fake anything. She doesn’t care what people think about her and she can never change herself for anyone. She just needs an opportunity to prove her worth. She’ll do any task on the show. She is very greedy, never satisfied with what she has.

Likes: Having fun, Honest & crazy people
Dislikes: Fake people, back stabbing
Craziest thing she has ever done: Being on Roadies is the craziest thing that happened to her.


Eric Roy

Age: 20
Gender: Male
City: Kolkata

 By describing him in few words we’ll be doing injustice to him. He was the runner up of Roadies Battleground 2 (The online extension of Roadies) and believe us he had immense fun doing all those tasks. If that was fun, being on the actual battleground – Roadies 7, will be crazy! He is proud of his creativity and craziness. His 14th year in the world was the turning point in his life; that is when he came up with his first e-mail id –, got his first kiss and was the first time he watched an adult film.

Likes: Orange juice, peanut butter on toast, Mr.Jason Haddy (school teacher)
Dislikes: People who take life too seriously
Craziest thing he has ever done: Coming up with an email id like, is the craziest thing he has ever done. But he forgives himself because he was just 14 back then.


Gaurav Gill

Age: 21
Gender: Male
City: Mumbai

 He is a part time DJ at a lounge. He is very adventurous. He has done bungee jumping, rock climbing, rappelling, para-gliding. He is very impatient and short tempered but also down to earth. He believes in himself & his decisions. He is very proud to be a Sikh. Many Sardars are cutting their hair these days to look good but he plans to change this myth. He plans to be single till he is independent and prove himself. He has been trying for Roadies from the past three years and finally he is here.

Likes: Adventure, music, bikes
Dislikes: Littering, spitting, rash driving
Craziest thing he has ever done: Recently he did the world’s highest bungee jumping. He has also bunked college a lot of times & drove down to Lonavala on bikes.


Meghna Mrignani

Age: 24
Gender: Female
City: Mumbai

 Don’t mistake her for being just cute and pretty, she has a very short temper. She is a photographer by profession. Men who disrespect women annoy her a lot and she has bashed up a lot of people for doing it. She would love to have a pet cheetah and race with it.

Likes: Photography, nature, animals, partying
Dislikes: People disrespecting women
Craziest thing she has ever done: Once she drank a whole bottle of Tequila, blacked out, kissed a girl, fought with all her friends, argued with a cop on her way back driving and called her brother to get her out of it. What a crazy night that was!


Mohit Malik

Age: 19
Gender: Male
City: Hansi

 He is a not so complicated guy and he is intelligent & talented. He is very passionate about the things he does and give it his best shot. He would love to have a tattoo of a skull with fire on his upper arm. If he were a dog, he would want his name to be Tiger.

Likes: People who respect elders
Dislikes: People who annoy him and don’t mind their own business
Craziest thing he has ever done: Winning Roadies Battleground 2 (online extension of Roadies) was the craziest moment of his life. He expected it, but when it actually happened he just couldn’t believe it.


Nisha Rana

Age: 25
Gender: Female
City: Chandigarh

 She is very adventurous and love dancing. She is very short tempered and once she fought with a couple outside a pub in the middle of the night. She is not scared of anything. she once jumped off a speeding bike. She has been part of a reality show before and that was definitely tampered.

Likes: Dancing, adventure, challenges
Dislikes: Liars, hypocrites
Craziest thing she has ever done: Jumped off a speeding bike.


Priyanka Roy

Age: 22
Gender: Female
  She is fiercely possessive about what she believes to be hers, including success. She loves taking on challenges, small or big. She is intensely loyal to her friends and she always remember acts of kindness as well as injustice. Although she is a little confused about things, she is sure of who she is and she takes pride in herself. She is usually calm and composed because she dislikes losing her temper, but this does not mean that she can be taken for granted. Babies and animals fascinate her and she loves music, painting and cinema. She is a dreamer and this is one of the many things that keeps her going. She has a boyfriend whom she is dating since 3 years. she will not kiss someone’s shoe, feet or ass. She is ready for everything else.

Likes: Music, painting, cinema, babies, animals
Dislikes: Getting angry, mistreatment of animals
Craziest thing she ever done: She tried to set fire on her Math professor’s hair. She used to hate him.


Ravneet Kaur

Age: 18
Gender: Female
City: Malout

 She is simple, intelligent and come from a humble background. She is a basketball and football player and can also sing well. She is still studying and doesn’t have any professional work experience. Coming from a small village her dreams might seem unachievable but she aspires to fly an aircraft one day.

Likes: football, basketball, singing
Dislikes: eating insects or animals
Craziest thing she has ever done: She kept walking while watching an aircraft in the sky, after half an hour she found herself in the middle of the fields, lost.


Vikas Ambwani

Age: 24
Gender: Male
City: Kota

 He is working as a trainer in a gym and he also works in a footwear shop as salesman since the age of 16. He is ambitious and hard working. He never gives up and face every hurdle in his way with a sportsman spirit. He believes friends are relative to the term success, more success means more friends. He doesn’t mind standing nude in front of the world, only to prove that Indians have a better body than others.

Likes: Indian festivals, reality shows, working out
Dislikes: Snobs, piercings
Craziest thing I’ve ever done: He has jumped from a river-bridge which was 50 feet high, just to test his capability.


Zaid Bin Nazir

Age: 24
Gender: Male
City: Bangalore

 He is a flirt by nature and a part-time model by profession. Shutting people up, is one of his many talents. He enjoys every moment of his life and makes the best of every opportunity. He is very lazy & like to get his work done from other people. Without a second thought he will betray any friend of his for success.

Likes: Lazing around, camping, having fun
Dislikes: Disrespecting women
Craziest thing he has ever done: Once, he escaped three police security check posts and later ended up in a pursuit with 20 cops. He somehow escaped but finally they located his car in a parking lot and suspected him of being a terrorist.





8 Responses to “MTV Roadies 7.0 Final roadies!”

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  3. gulshan Says:

    hai i m see all the eprisode of mtv rodies i wish prinka will be win becoz i love her simplicity and performance she is very brave she so sweat if u win plez email me on my mail,best of luck god will win u & help u bye…………………………….

  4. Swati Says:

    hi…my msg is only for MOHIT…u r d only one for which me watchin roadies…i wish u all d best…all my good wishes r wid u…u will win d roadies thats for sure…u r d most hot and handsome guy i have ever seen any series of roadies….i expect a single reply frm u yaar….all d best…love u….

  5. swati Says:

    hi…. MOHIT… U r d ultimate roadie in dis series…. i really like u a lot and want u 2 win as u deserve it… at least i can expect a single reply frm u yaar… Thnk god u r back bcoz roadies is incomplete widout u… I wish u all d very best and luv u…

  6. silvia Says:

    hey zaid u rock in roadies, z-zealot,a-adorable,i-innocent,d-dude.wish u all d best…………………

  7. vaibhav sachdeva Says:

    hey mohhit wish u all the bst for ur final in the rodies.dude in all session of rodies i have never seen a person playing so strongly and cleverly.u r perfect one as a rodies winner and u diserve it too.all the best yar,chak de phade(rodies).

  8. silvia Says:

    m sry 4 ur broken tooth bt ur performance was flawless,u r suprb,dn’t b dishertened 4 u r d best:-) nd haan daanth ke bina v tum aachhe dikhte ho…………………………

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