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Let’s Welcome 2010 Heartily

Posted by Kokolicious on January 1st, 2010

"They say that the old is gold,
But I say that the new has many to unfold."

The year 2009 has not been a very promising year. We saw two major ‘global disasters’ which affected almost everyone. The Global Economic Meltdown shook the world out of its comfort and forced everyone into serious reconsideration. Karl Marx became popular again! Economic crises are not permanent but the Environmental Crisis will become permanent, even worsen if not attended to immediately. But what a fiasco it turned out to be when the world leaders decided to sit down and come to an agreement in Copenhagen. The effort to unite only highlighted the grave differences.
We as a nation had our own upheavals too. The separatist tendency in the nation is still very strong. National integration is under threat. How long are we going to divide and subdivide ourselves?
Yet it is not that we did not have any reason to smile either. We are a major player in Space research now. Comparatively, our economy faced the meltdown in a much better way than even the major world economies. One of our scientists won the Nobel Prize. Last but not the least, we brought home three Oscars.
The world also had its reason to hope too, though it was not many. It is sad but we saw the world unite under one banner at the death of a troubled superstar. America finally came of age with its first coloured President assuming his office.
But what is of more importance is what we as individuals faced in the year gone by. I am sure there were a hundred reasons to smile and another hundred to cry. We cannot keep an exact account of them, yet we know life is a constant tussle between the tears which tend to drag us down and the smiles that tend to lift us up. There is a reason why a year ends and a new one starts. We cannot move on with all the baggage we gathered in course of the year. We need to leave some behind, and carry along the ones which we cherish. More than the resolutions which our leaders take, it is our own which will actually bring about the change which is needed, first at an individual level, then social and finally at the global level. And do not forget to take a solemn resolution this time- you will honour your resolution more in observation than in violation. One more important thing which you should remember- enjoy yourself thoroughly. Happiness is not something you seek always, sometimes you need to seize the moment to be just happy. And which time can be the best for it if not Now?

"Cherish the moment when you’ve got the chance,
New year comes a year only once!"

Happy New Year 2010!

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